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We started our company in 1998, which was the year we took our first core.

Since 2005, we have been continuing our activities as a company "KONBAKSAN" as LİMİTED.

Today, we have achieved the equipment that can process the highest quality pulses by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by modern technology in a very short period of time, and we continue on our way with a vision of a future that is open to the world with our experience and experience that is nearly a quarter century.

as KONBAKS, "Earth from Turkey, World Meals" slogan in Turkey farmers, rural suppliers and raw agricultural products that we purchase from the public institutions we can connect with the world table. In order to make the products harvested from the field ready for consumption, our factory has a production capacity of 10 tons / hour; We pass through various stages such as screening, breeding, classification and packaging in industry 4.0 technologies and standards.

Our company has been making contractual and certified production of edible pulses and fodder crops, which are the subject of activity, with the authorization obtained from the Ministry of Agriculture since 2017.

Our company combined the advantage of Konya's favorable position in terms of agricultural production, transportation, employment and industry with the market experience of our company owner in the agricultural sector in the past years and contributed to a quarter-century production process.

Our company markets its edible pulses and certified seeds that it has produced for many years with a wide range of products under 3 brands in the Domestic Market Wholesaler, Out of Home Consumption, Public Market and Foreign Trade Markets.

Is a ring of the supply chain of private and public economic institutions in Turkey already succeeded in our company, the capital of agriculture in 2018, the daily production capacity of the factory that was established as a huge investment in Konya "150.000kg / day" to removing Central Anatolia's first 3 has managed to become one of the biggest companies.


With our experience of more than a quarter century in the sector, it is primarily to produce value for our country and our people, to meet the demands of our customers with quality and stability, to meet their demands at the right time and at the right price, to obtain international quality certificates, to continue production at the highest standards, by protecting nature and the environment, ensuring growth is our primary mission.


agricultural products produced in Turkey and the world to meet with the sofa, the country's agriculture sector and to contribute to national economy development. To reach all over the world as the locomotive of domestic and national production in its sector.

Growing and developing in a healthy way; To carry the prestige we have achieved in the domestic market to the world by offering products and services at universal quality standards…


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Konbaksan Tarihçe


Yola ilk nüvemizi attığımız yıl olan 1998’de şirketleşerek çıktık.


Yılından itibaren de “KONBAKSAN” adıyla LİMİTED şirket olarak faaliyetlerimizi sürdürüyoruz.


Tarım Bakanlığından aldığı yetkilendirme ile, faaliyet konusu olan yemeklik bakliyatlar ve yem bitkileri ürünlerinin sözleşmeli, sertifikalı üretimini yapıyor.


Yılında tarımın başkenti olan Konya’da yaptığı dev bir yatırım olarak kurduğu fabrika ile günlük üretim kapasitesini “150.000kg/gün” e çıkararak İç Anadolu'nun ilk 3 büyük firmasından biri olmayı başarmıştır.

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