Improvement Agency: Eskişehir Anadolu agricultural research institute - ESKİŞEHİR

Registration Year: 2005

Stem and Leaf Characteristics: Stem 40-47 cm upright stems, less pubescent leaves compound 12-22 branches big The only flower emerging at the leaf junction, the flower color is pink purple, and the number of grains in the fruit is 2-3.

Grain Properties: It is light beige colored and is ram-sized. The weight of 100 try is 38-49 grams.

Agricultural Features: It is resistant to winter and resistant to drought. It can also be planted in the Southeastern Anatolia region in December. It is harvested and is harvested by combine. Reaction to water and fertilizer is very good. The level of yield is high, depending on the climate and soil structure. Its efficiency is between 220-380 kg / da in irrigable areas. There is no shedding of try.

Disease Status: It is good to withstand wilt disease and it is tolerant to anthracnose disease in the region.


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