It is the name given to the Phaseolus genus of the bean legumes family, to the dried fruit and seed of this plant.

This juicy dish made with baklagill is famous in Turkey. It contains dried beans, onions, tomatoes or tomato paste, optionally meat or sausage. In addition, Piyaz, which is made with dried beans, is a dish that is eaten lovingly and served with tahini in southern provinces.

Baked beans are very rich in protein. It gives the body protein and lots of calories. Dry bean protein B group is very rich in vitamins, patassium, magnesium, iron, zinc and fiber. Baked beans are a complete protein store. It is very useful food. Since dry beans are very rich in protein, children and adults should benefit. Since it contains non-animal protein and fiber structure, it has no deficiency from red meat.


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